Showing the people how Silo can secure and control business data.

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The Background

Silo is a cloud based container designed by the Authentic8 team for secure, controlled access to important web applications. Each time Silo is launched, users get a freshly built browsing environment with SSO links to provisional apps. All web code is contained within Silo. Apps are insulated from exploits and business data is kept separate from personal browsing.

We helped Authentic8 team to tell a simple story through a single web page that showcased easy to understand examples of how Silo protects business data.

The Challenge

Create a responsive website that tells a story of the product's importance in keeping business data safe.

Responsive Design

We came up with multi-column layout with fluid grids and images that scaled from large screens down to small mobile sizes. The multi-column layout created a straightforward user experience that told a compelling story of Silo's purpose and its benefits and provided an instant access to the product.

Visual Design

Through a combination of jump navigation and layered information architecture, the site offers different ways to explore varying levels of detail. Simple yet elegant, Silo's website creates a straightforward user experience that tells a compelling story of the product's importance in keeping business data safe.

  • Overview
  • Why
  • What
  • How
  • Get
  • A8 Blog

Icons & Illustrations

Custom icons and illustrations highlight some of the product's features and benefits.

Who use Silo

  • Security Companies
  • Financial Services Firms
  • Regional Retailers
  • Medical App ISV
  • Manufacturing Firms

How can you control your data when...

  • Users access your apps using devices and networks that you don't trust
  • Their local browser is a melting pot mixing business and personal content
  • They make honest mistakes handling company logins and sensitive data

Silo is a cloud-based container...

  • Silo contains web data in a secure sandbox, beyond the reach of exploits
  • Silo provides secure single sign-on to your web apps
  • Silo enforces data use policies regardless of device

Silo meets different needs...

  • I use web apps
  • I build web apps

Deploy Silo to your team

  • 1. Become an admin
  • 2. Create users and groups
  • 3. Setup your web apps
  • 4. Define your policies
  • 5. Welcome your users

The Product Logo

In addition to the responsive website D.Workz was asked to create product logo.