Helping to work with global Data Stream Network


PubNub set out in 2009 to develop a Data Stream Network for developers to build realtime apps as easily as building a web page. The PubNub Data Stream Network powers thousands of apps, streaming 1.9 Trillion messages to over 330 million devices a month. PubNub let developers spend their time on what they do best... creating killer realtime apps!

PubNub reached out to us to help them simplify user interface and data visualizations of Administrator Dashboard which helps their customers better manage PubNub applications.


Close collaboration with PubNub team was the key to this project's success. In order for us to make the product understandable and easy-to-use for PubNub customers we needed to understand every detail of offered service.

We have studied the existing product and its pain points. This activity gave us some knowledge that helped us to come up with the plan for further design execution of product's user interface.


As a start of our UI design overhaul, we worked with the team at PubNub to define standards regarding their brand style guide. Through numerous mood-boards, we landed on a visual guidelines that are flexible enough to provide variety across content, but is structured enough to create consistency.


As soon as you log into the new Dashboard, you will see your PubNub Apps. You can think of Apps like folders which hold your individual Keysets. Each Keyset contains the group of publish, subscribe, and secret keys you need to use PubNub.


Once you click on one of your Apps, you will see a list of Keysets for that App. By clicking on an individual Keyset, you will be redirected to the “Key Info” section. This is where you can configure PubNub features like Access Manager, Mobile Push Notifications, Storage & Playback, and more.

Realtime Usage & Analytics

The Usage and Realtime Analytics screens provide graphical views of your historical and current metrics, respectively. You can view the analytics for each of your PubNub Keysets or on aggregate across all Keysets within the App.

Debug Console

Not only does the new console gives you the ability to debug parts of PubNub that the previous version did not reach, but the user interface is much easier to use now.

With new debug console, you can do all your debugging in one browser tab - no more opening multiple tabs. You can debug your entire PubNub implementation, including Publish/Subscribe, Access Manager, Presence, Storage & Playback, and more. Also, you can automatically pull through your App keys - no more copying and pasting keys.


Blocks are microservices that tap into the PubNub Data Stream Network and give you simple ways to create powerful realtime features.

Plans & Pricing

To change anything about your account tier or add-ons, visit the Upgrade page to change your billing plan and to add plan features.


An iterative design process, executed in one-week sprints in collaboration with PubNub, produced numerous prototypes that allowed the team to validate ideas through user interaction. This approach gave the insight into progress and helped PubNub developers optimize the project as it moved forward. Most importantly, it empowered D/Workz and PubNub to provide a more valuable experience to users. After release of new Administrator Dashboard, PubNub customers found the new interface easier to use and better manage their applications.