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Mobile app for a clothing rental subscription service

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Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service for women sizes 10-32.

The service helps women discover, experience and enjoy great clothing without limitations by offering the most up-to-date looks all in one place.

Members receive about $900 to $1,200 worth of clothing each month, and unlimited free shipping and exchanges for an affordable flat monthly fee.

Gwynnie Bee's existing website provides a good service, but GB needed to enhance their quality service by making it available on the go.

In partnership with BeKitzur, D/Workz Interactive designed and developed a mobile app that allows existing customers to keep using Gwynnie Bee's service wherever they are.

Wireframes & User Flows

We have started our project with a deep dive into GB’s customers’ behaviors and continued with analysis of the existing website.

Then we signed up for their service in order to understand its full cycle – first browsing through the garments and closeting them, then tracking and receiving a package, and finally going through it multiple times.

All these activities helped us to quickly identify weak areas and improve experience through the mobile presence.

After several iterations of mobile Content Architecture and User Flows, we came to a model that delivered all the great things that fashion has to offer, without all the stress.

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UX & UI Design


The first screen of the mobile app lists out available collections. Visually a list can be quite boring. To get customers excited about browsing collections we gave it a special design treatment.

We came up with the idea to showcase each collection as a visually appealing banner. Collection banner employs bold background color. It has an image representing collection’s style and, of course, it has the name of the collection.

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Interaction With Collections

Our goal was to optimize user experience through stripping down unnecessary components.

For example, if you are scanning collection garments by scrolling down, you do not need navigation. We freed up valuable mobile real estate that would have been occupied by navigation elements and made it available for the content you are interested in. Navigation will appear on the screen once you start scrolling back to the top.

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Garment Details

Through the user study we have conducted we knew that users prefer to see a large image of garments when browsing through the products. If user likes an item, they may start digging deeper for the details. This set a tone for the design of the product screen – we created a large image that accommodated almost the entire screen, and it is surrounded by a few functional elements.

Additional details about the garment reside below the fold. Details section includes option to add the item to your closet; it contains Size Advisor as well as Size Chart.

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Browsing Through Garments

When you tap into the garment from the collection screen and go into product detail screen, you can browse through the rest of the collection by tapping the arrows at the top right, or by simply swiping products left or right.

This navigation approach allows you to stay on product screen and continue browsing without having to go back to the collection screen and selecting the next item.

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My Closet

My Closet is the main section of the app where you organize your virtual closet.

On-The-Rack section shows all garments that you want to rent. These are garments that you’ve selected and placed in your closet.

At-Home section shows all garments that are shipped or on the way.

On-Hold section is essentially your wish list — it has the garments you might want to rent at a later date. Think of this section as “The Attic” — garments you want to bookmark for your reference.

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Love Something?
You Can Buy It For Less!

Yes, you have the option to buy the garment directly from the At-Home section of your closet with just a few clicks. This is how it works...
Click on the "Buy Item" button from At-Home section. Check the price. If you agree to it, go ahead and confirm the purchase. GB will then charge the card they have for you on file and the garment is yours!

This garment is then moved from At-Home to History section which, in turn, triggers shipment of the next item from your On-The-Rack list.

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D/Workz designed a beautiful app from the ground up. The mobile app maintains the inspiration, styling, and key aspects of the brand’s identity while foregrounding rent and purchase opportunities on mobile.

Beautifully presented and intuitively navigable product details exist side-by-side with a clear call to action.

employing clean look through the app and positioning product as the hero, we created seamless paths to conversion. The app provides convenient and always consummately stylish closeting experience – service that delivers on the promise of the Gwynnie Bee brand.

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