Improving the bottom line through Intuitive data driven experience

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We created an experience that immediately made sense to end users and made our client look like a rock star. Some call it genious design, we call it routine.

The Challenge

Transform an outdated desktop app into an intuitive and meaningful tablet experience

The purpose of this internal app for one of the biggest media company in US is to keep a pulse on performance and locate problematic areas in advertising campaigns sales.

An outdated desktop app

Interaction Design

One of the main challenges was to create an interaction model that would be very scalable and work with different starting data points without changing the design. The users, managers and sales associates, should be able to easily navigate through campaigns, regions and channels to understand what's performing well and what's not. As always, we approached a challenge from a high level, exploring options and looking at things from different angles before moving into the specifics of user interface.

User Flows & Wireframes

Finding the optimal flow and layouts

Once the main interaction model was nailed down we started to address small nuances to fine tune the experience. We outlined a number of alternative flows and then created a series of click-through prototypes to see which ones made most sense and were easiest to navigate.

Exploring the user flows

Finding the best ways to switch between Matrix and List views

Click-through Prototype

Visual Design

After creating all of the wireframes and testing the interactions via click-through prototypes, it was time for visual design magic to support both retina and non-retina displays. Hitting on a design theme took several rounds of iteration. In the end, a muted dark grey palette won the day, with bold accent colors to highlight the different types of data.